Three Things to Consider in Your Short-Term Rehabilitation Facility

There is much to consider when deciding on a rehabilitation facility for you or a loved one. For help deciding on a Short-Term Rehab Facility, look here.An illness or injury can prevent your family members or loved ones from effectively participating in their activities of daily live. When an incident prevents your family member or loved one from performing everyday tasks and self-care, a doctor may order physical, occupational, or speech therapy. Here’s what to look for in a high-quality rehab institution.

Look for a track record of success
Ask what percentage of their Rehab patients /residents go home from their short-term Program. Top quality programs are known to produce a rate of 92-96% patients return home from a short-term stay. That’s your goal is to be in a very high results driven program. All outcomes are measured in healthcare and this produces a more accurate picture of the success of the Rehab program. At BayWoods of Annapolis, we work diligently to provide a 96% return rate to home. We work hard to make residents well prepared for their return home by doing a home visit with the resident making sure that they are returning to a safe environment.

What are the accommodations like?
Does the Rehab program have private rooms, adequate staffing and Credentialed staff? Look carefully at the staff’s credentials and make sure that the environment is focused on getting their residents home. BayWoods therapists have a master’s level and above education in Therapy. They provide a positive attitude and encourage their residents to work hard in achieving their therapy goals. All of our rooms are private and have their own full bath and shower.

Convenient Location
A convenient location makes for a great Rehab experience. This should be a high priority in your choosing a Rehab program. The overall environment should be in a tranquil setting one that is both comforting and non-institutional. You want a homey environment and one that is conducive to walking and has multi surfaces for walking outdoors as well as indoors. BayWoods is a waterfront community located directly on the Chesapeake Bay offering a boardwalk with walking trails and scenic nature all around you.  The whole family can enjoy breathtaking views of the Bay Bridge and Chesapeake Bay while walking outdoors.

The rehabilitation facilities at BayWoods of Annapolis go above and beyond regular care. We provide the perfect environment for your loved ones to succeed at regaining their ability to complete activities of daily living. For questions about our rehabilitation services, contact us.