Physical Activity May Be the Fountain of Youth

Senior Citizen Exercises With as little as 30 minutes per day, you can stay fit and feel younger too!  A variety of low-impact physical activity can be incorporated into anyone’s daily routine.  In this article, Baywoods of Annapolis takes a look at some of the most common and innovative ways seniors can stay fit! According to the National Institute on Aging, “exercise and physical activity… can help prevent diabetes, heart

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Three Reasons to Choose Cooperative Living

Choose Cooperative Living Cooperative living arrangements provide extra benefits in senior living communities. The role of happiness in longevity is well documented; a cooperative living space allows residents an environment that allows them to thrive. Consider these unique advantages to cooperative living when deciding on an arrangement for your retiree. 1) For the Residents, by the Residents Independence is a key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. BayWoods residents lead a vibrant lifestyle through a system of self-governance. By electing their own board members, all residents have a say in what their future will look like. Residents have the option of guiding the program schedule, making improvements to the property, even adding books to the library. We believe our residents thrive on the autonomy they experience at BayWoods. Come and see for yourself. 2) Financial Stewardship Unlike other assisted-living arrangements, cooperative living environments offer your senior loved one a high-quality financial investment. Residents here act as the direct financial stewards of their living space here at BayWoods. We believe that maintaining financial independence is an important aspect of retaining the dignity of our residents. To understand how this works, call us for a more detailed explanation. 3) Tax Benefits In a

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Promote Longevity With These 5 Senior Fitness Trends

Senior Fitness Trends There’s always a new fitness craze: Gurus are combining the latest health techniques to invent classes that keep participants coming back for more. Seniors may not have the strength for trampoline aerobics or Yogalates, but regular exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Encourage your retiree to participate in these gentle low-impact fitness trends that are both good for the body and easy on the joints. Sit and Be Fit This class is conducted from a chair and focuses on improving functionality and mobility. Depending on an individual’s fitness level, participants may use weights, resistance bands, and medicine balls to strengthen their cores to improve balance. Water Aerobics Aqatic exercise provides a low-impact option that’s beneficial for anyone with limited mobility. Using water for natural resistance, water aerobics provides cardiovascular and strengthening benefits in a virtually risk-free environment. BayWoods of Annapolis proudly offers water aerobics classes for residents – contact us for further questions. Silver Sneakers This nationwide program offers free or low-cost fitness activities in conjunction with Medicare plans. Silver Sneaker classes vary by location but focus on improving balance and strengthening major muscle groups to encourage ease of movement and to alleviate symptoms

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Four Ways to Encourage Life-Long Learning

Life-Long Learning The wonders of modern medical interventions have us living longer more fulfilling lives. To take full advantage of this, retirees should seek ways to be fully engaged in their environment. Taking an active role in lifelong learning has protective effects against dementia and is an essential tenet of a healthy lifestyle. See how you can encourage lifelong learning for your retiree. Follow a Passion In their working years, seniors were often too busy to learn about what they were actually interested in; retirement provides an opportunity for retirees to follow their passions. Whether it’s learning to cook French cuisine or trying ballroom dancing, actively engaging in an activity improves a senior’s lifestyle, both socially and mentally. Help your retiree choose an area of interest and coordinate classes that allow him or her to learn a new skill. Take a Group Approach Learning doesn’t have to follow a solitary approach – on the contrary, we learn best when we engage with others. Finding a class for you senior promotes longevity as it keeps minds sharp and encourages social engagement, which staves off conditions like depression. Help your retiree connect with classes in the area by investigating continuing education offerings

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Finding The Right Career After Retirement

Retirement Careers After retirement, many of us dream of days filled with a life of nothing but leisure.  But, for many retirees, that can lead to boredom.  In this article, we will review some of the most common post-retirement careers and volunteer opportunities that provide joy and pleasure, while keeping retirees engaged and active. Back to School Many retirees seek opportunities to engage with younger generations through mentoring, volunteering, and other activities.  According to Professor Andrew Carle, Director of the Program in Assisted Living/Senior Housing Administration at George Mason University, “Today’s retirees…want three things.  They want active, they want intellectually stimulating, and they want inter-generational environments.”  Colleges are a great place for retirees to find volunteer or career opportunities and engage with the younger generations.  Many retirees especially enjoy being adjunct professors, but there are a host of opportunities available so check with a nearby college to find out what looks like the right fit for you! Project Based Consultant Many companies need experience, guidance or just someone to help get them through a transition.  A consultant opportunity can be a great fit for a retiree with decades of work experience in a specific field.  The pay is typically good

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