Four Ways to Encourage Life-Long Learning

Life Long LearningLife-Long Learning

The wonders of modern medical interventions have us living longer more fulfilling lives. To take full advantage of this, retirees should seek ways to be fully engaged in their environment. Taking an active role in lifelong learning has protective effects against dementia and is an essential tenet of a healthy lifestyle. See how you can encourage lifelong learning for your retiree.

Follow a Passion
In their working years, seniors were often too busy to learn about what they were actually interested in; retirement provides an opportunity for retirees to follow their passions. Whether it’s learning to cook French cuisine or trying ballroom dancing, actively engaging in an activity improves a senior’s lifestyle, both socially and mentally. Help your retiree choose an area of interest and coordinate classes that allow him or her to learn a new skill.

Take a Group Approach
Learning doesn’t have to follow a solitary approach – on the contrary, we learn best when we engage with others. Finding a class for you senior promotes longevity as it keeps minds sharp and encourages social engagement, which staves off conditions like depression. Help your retiree connect with classes in the area by investigating continuing education offerings at local colleges, libraries, and community centers. BayWoods of Annapolis also offers classes to suit any interest – get in touch with us to ask about them.

Step Outside the Comfort Zone
Engaging the next generation of retirees may require a little encouragement on your part. Often, venturing out of our comfort zones is the first step in discovering something new. Whether it’s something as simple as reading a book from a different genre or traveling to experience another culture, deviating from the ordinary keeps seniors vital and mentally engaged.

Make It a Commitment
Learning is truly a lifelong pursuit. Socrates is credited with saying, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” Kindle your retiree’s passion for learning by helping them engage in new activities. Just as we must exercise our bodies, our minds require regular workouts to promote longevity and ensure a healthy lifestyle. See how BayWoods of Annapolis can help your senior achieve such a lifestyle today.