Considering Program Options in Senior Living Communities

Senior Program Options

When considering senior living options, the programming available can make a large difference in a senior citizen’s quality of life. Do the programs offer options that encourage a vital, healthy lifestyle? At BayWoods of Annapolis quality of life is very important, and we strive to offer our residents with a vast array of Senior Program Options.  We picked a few of our favorite programs for enriching a senior’s life to share with you below.

Fitness Programs
A good senior living arrangement offers a large variety of active programming that is suitable for all fitness levels. Some seniors may prefer the soothing benefits of low-impact water aerobics, while others may love a brisk walk in the open air. The quality of a living facility’s fitness schedule directly impacts a senior’s longevity, as participating in regular fitness activities promotes cardiovascular and mental health.

Learning Options
Just as it’s essential to participate in regular fitness, exercising our brains is an important aspect of remaining vital as we age. Senior living communities that offer top-quality learning options give residents a chance to maintain their mental health, while getting a chance to learn something new. BayWoods residents have the option of attending regular wellness lectures as well as voting on new academic opportunities monthly as a part of the Activities Club. Come and see what we have to offer.

Opportunities for Outings
Seniors have particular transportation needs. Some drive independently but many require the assistance of public transportation or need a driver to help them achieve independence outside the community. Retired living facilities offer day trips to give residents new experiences. At BayWoods, we provide opportunities for residents to attend performing art shows and museums. As always, residents have the option of weighing in on new outings through board meetings and election.

High-quality programming in a retirement community is essential to keep living the best life possible. For more information on our cooperative living lifestyle and the many different programs we offer, please contact us.