Finding The Right Career After Retirement

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After retirement, many of us dream of days filled with a life of nothing but leisure.  But, for many retirees, that can lead to boredom.  In this article, we will review some of the most common post-retirement careers and volunteer opportunities that provide joy and pleasure, while keeping retirees engaged and active.

Back to School

Many retirees seek opportunities to engage with younger generations through mentoring, volunteering, and other activities.  According to Professor Andrew Carle, Director of the Program in Assisted Living/Senior Housing Administration at George Mason University, “Today’s retirees…want three things.  They want active, they want intellectually stimulating, and they want inter-generational environments.”  Colleges are a great place for retirees to find volunteer or career opportunities and engage with the younger generations.  Many retirees especially enjoy being adjunct professors, but there are a host of opportunities available so check with a nearby college to find out what looks like the right fit for you!

Project Based Consultant

Many companies need experience, guidance or just someone to help get them through a transition.  A consultant opportunity can be a great fit for a retiree with decades of work experience in a specific field.  The pay is typically good and once the project is over, so is your commitment, leaving you plenty of time for relaxation and travel!

Patient Advocate

Hospitals often seek retirees who can help in a variety of areas, but many of these require training or certifications.  However, a patient advocate is someone who works with the patient to set appointments, fill out paperwork, and generally make sure the patient knows where to go next.  Check with your local hospital to see what types of needs they have and how you can help!  It can be a very rewarding experience to help someone navigate the health care world and get back on the road to recovery!

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