How Seniors Can Use Technology to Age Gracefully

Aging Gracefully with Technology Every day, 10,000 baby boomers reach the age of 65.  By 2030, when all members of the Baby Boom generation have finally reached that age, fully 18% of the nation’s population will be at least that age, according to Pew Research Center.  But this new generation of ‘seniors’ is redefining what it means to grow older, and many are adopting technologies to help them not only

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Brainteasers: 4 Ways to Exercise Your Brain

Brain Health Just like the muscles in your body, your brain needs stimulation and activity to prevent atrophy and maintain mental health.  In this article, we’ll highlight five ways you can exercise your brain for optimal results! Exercise. There are many studies that show that exercising actually promotes brain health.  One study published in the journal Neurology, showed that physical activity could slow brain aging by as much as 10 years!  This doesn’t mean that you need to be an athlete but activities such as walking, gardening, yoga, or simply being active during the day can also have major benefits to your cognitive abilities, so get that body moving! Diet. Eating foods that are rich in anti-oxidants help neutralize free radicals.  Nutrition is good for the mind and body.  Following the guidelines from the American Diabetes Association ( will help ensure you’re eating balanced. Brain Exercises. There are a variety of brain fitness programs that help your brain process language, hearing, speed, and accuracy.  Some of these programs are games while others are more instructional.   You can also exercise your brain with puzzles, learning a new card game, or other activity that challenges you. Sleep On It. There is no

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What’s for Dinner? 5 Things Your Retirement Community Should Offer.

Retirement Community Menu Diet and food choices are obviously critical to a long life with good health, so it’s important to know that your retirement community is offering food choices that you’ll be eager to consume. We’ll outline the top five things you should consider about potential retirement communities when it comes to dining. Preparing food for a large group of seniors can present some interesting challenges.  Factors such as medication side effects, special dietary requirements, decreased ability to taste, and providing obese or underweight residents viable meals are all considerations.  Even with these challenges, it is possible to ensure your retirement community offers the selections you are seeking.  Here’s how: Does your retirement community involve residents in menu planning? Is a nutritionist involved in meal planning?  Many communities have food committees where residents assist chefs with meal suggestions or recipes.  These suggestions are then often reviewed by a nutritionist to ensure the meals meet certain vitamins, minerals, and caloric requirements. Flexible Dining Schedule or Multiple Dining Rooms? Flexibility is important so that residents can adopt a schedule that is conducive to their preferences.  Some communities, like Baywoods of Annapolis, offer several dining venues to accommodate a variety of preferences.

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Farm To Table: More Than Just Good Nutrition

Healthy Retirement Living The movement to acquire fresh, local, organic foods is a part of a growing trend called Farm-to-Table.  We will review the nutritional and socioeconomic impacts that are driving this trend. Organic Foods Are In! You don’t have to go far to realize that processed foods are out and natural, organic foods are in!  With so much increased awareness about food safety, food freshness, and even the growing controversial use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), it seems everyone is ready to start eating more healthy. Sourcing & Local Food The farm to table initiative promotes sourcing and serving local food, preferably by acquiring it directly from the producer (farmer, winery, fishery, etc.).  This growing trend not only helps to support local businesses, but it eliminates the need for the products to be filled with preservatives to extend shelf life or shipped nationally or globally which helps to reduce costs and carbon footprint. Socioeconomic Impact The socioeconomic impact of Farm to Table goes one step further.  Farmer’s markets have made a dramatic comeback, helping many farms to survive and even expand.   America’s growing immigrant population flock to the markets to buy food the way they were accustomed to buying

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Waterfront Retirement Living Provides Unique Lifestyle Opportunities

Waterfront Retirement Living While retiring to a golf course community may intrigue some, others prefer the views and activities associated with waterfront living.  In this article, we’ll highlight some of the popular activities available to those who choose waterfront retirement living. Whether you’ve lived in Maryland all of your life, or are venturing into new territories, Annapolis has consistently been ranked, year after year, as one of the nation’s “most charming small towns.”  Baywoods of Annapolis is a unique retirement community that provides easy access to Annapolis and all of its charms, along with a waterfront community that captures the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay. Baywoods of Annapolis offers a truly unique retirement living experience.  On Wednesday evenings, you can take a leisurely walk out to the boardwalk and pier and catch a glimpse of the infamous Wednesday night sailboat races, hosted by the Annapolis Yacht Club.  Up to 150 crews typically compete in the races and they mean business!  It’s fun to watch and a great way to spend Wednesday’s during the summer! Other waterfront activities include: Visit and tour the historic Naval Academy. Take a cruise out of the Annapolis Harbor to visit another local waterfront favorite, the

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