Farm To Table: More Than Just Good Nutrition

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The movement to acquire fresh, local, organic foods is a part of a growing trend called Farm-to-Table.  We will review the nutritional and socioeconomic impacts that are driving this trend.

Organic Foods Are In!

You don’t have to go far to realize that processed foods are out and natural, organic foods are in!  With so much increased awareness about food safety, food freshness, and even the growing controversial use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), it seems everyone is ready to start eating more healthy.

Sourcing & Local Food

The farm to table initiative promotes sourcing and serving local food, preferably by acquiring it directly from the producer (farmer, winery, fishery, etc.).  This growing trend not only helps to support local businesses, but it eliminates the need for the products to be filled with preservatives to extend shelf life or shipped nationally or globally which helps to reduce costs and carbon footprint.

Socioeconomic Impact

The socioeconomic impact of Farm to Table goes one step further.  Farmer’s markets have made a dramatic comeback, helping many farms to survive and even expand.   America’s growing immigrant population flock to the markets to buy food the way they were accustomed to buying it in their native land.  Local restaurants, retirement communities, and even national food chains are promoting the use of farm to table practices.

Sustainable Annapolis

Baywoods of Annapolis is a proud supporter of the farm to table initiative and has demonstrated this as a proud recipient of the Annapolis Environmental Stewardship Certification, which is part of Sustainable Annapolis.  The chefs at Baywoods pride themselves on offering healthy food choices using many locally grown foods.  Residents enjoy fresh local produce, seafood, and more!

Baywoods of Annapolis invites you to sample our menu and see just how good farm to table tastes!