Promote Longevity With These 5 Senior Fitness Trends

BayWoods 02Senior Fitness Trends

There’s always a new fitness craze: Gurus are combining the latest health techniques to invent classes that keep participants coming back for more. Seniors may not have the strength for trampoline aerobics or Yogalates, but regular exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Encourage your retiree to participate in these gentle low-impact fitness trends that are both good for the body and easy on the joints.

Sit and Be Fit
This class is conducted from a chair and focuses on improving functionality and mobility. Depending on an individual’s fitness level, participants may use weights, resistance bands, and medicine balls to strengthen their cores to improve balance.

Water Aerobics
Aqatic exercise provides a low-impact option that’s beneficial for anyone with limited mobility. Using water for natural resistance, water aerobics provides cardiovascular and strengthening benefits in a virtually risk-free environment. BayWoods of Annapolis proudly offers water aerobics classes for residents – contact us for further questions.

Silver Sneakers
This nationwide program offers free or low-cost fitness activities in conjunction with Medicare plans. Silver Sneaker classes vary by location but focus on improving balance and strengthening major muscle groups to encourage ease of movement and to alleviate symptoms of aging.

Tai Chi
Often called “meditation in motion,” Tai Chi focuses on increasing flexibility and balance while easing anxiety and stress. It’s an ancient Chinese discipline that combines slow, rhythmic movements with deep breathing and focus exercises. Suitable for all fitness levels, Tai Chi is a great option for those who are looking for mental and physical benefits.

Gentle Yoga provide cardiovascular and flexibility benefits, while calming the mind. Choose a discipline that focuses more on stretching and breathing and less on sculpting.

BayWoods of Annapolis offers comprehensive fitness opportunities for active seniors. To learn more about our programs and how to stay active, contact us today.