4 Reasons Assisted Living Provides A Better Lifestyle Than Living Alone

Assisted Living Benefits

Many seniors desire to live in their family home as long as possible.  Often, seniors are concerned that they will have to sacrifice a certain level of independence as time goes on.  At Baywoods of Annapolis, we have worked with seniors of all ages to provide them as much (or as little) support as they need.  In this article, we’ll discuss some of the common ways that an assisted living community can be a smart choice for you and your family!

  1. Maintenance Free – No more cleaning the house, doing yard work, making repairs, or shoveling the driveway! Assisted Living enhances your retirement years and lets you focus on the tasks you enjoy.
  2. Easy Dining – Many Assisted Living facilities offer a choice of dining options. In most cases, these options can be customized to meet your nutritional needs or lifestyle preferences.  For example, at Baywoods of Annapolis, we offer:
    • Restaurant style dining with table service,
    • Bistro for casual dining,
    • Carry-out service,
    • Private dining room and catering for special occasions,
    • Full-service cocktail lounge.
  3. Socialize & Live Longer – As we age, our social interests and options may change. Most assisted living facilities have activities that accommodate every need and lifestyle.  Most facilities have fitness centers, planned activities, and even a fitness coordinator, so there is always something to do!  Socializing with others is a key to life expectancy too and helps keep loneliness at bay!
  4. Peace of Mind for Family Members – Living in an assisted living facility provides peace of mind to both you and your family members. Just knowing that you have all the help you need, at any time, is a comfort to loved ones.  As you grow older and your needs change, living in a facility can be especially beneficial.  In addition, it may keep you from frequently moving during your later years.

Many seniors regret delaying the decision to move to assisted living.  Some say it did not allow them as much time to enjoy the full array of activities and services offered.  Others mention that it would have been easier to move when they were younger because of health or physical issues.  So, it’s advisable to make the decision to move into an assisted living facility sooner than later.  In addition, as time goes by, you will get to know the staff that will help care for you, as your needs change.

At Baywoods of Annapolis, we understand that the decision can be challenging, but we can also help you understand the pros and cons!  Contact us today to schedule a private tour of our waterfront community and to get real answers to your most important questions and concerns!