Making a Seamless Transition from Independent to Assisted Living

Assisted Living Care

Every retiree reaches a point where independent living becomes too great a challenge. For some, health conditions affect safety at home, while others simply lack the mobility to perform everyday activities comfortably. When independent living is no longer an option, assisted living arrangements can help seniors with everyday activities while offering them a sense of independence. Here’s how to make the transition easy.

Focus on the Positive
For some, the term “assisted living” is tantamount to losing any sense of independence. When making the transition, focus on the ways that your retiree will be able to maintain autonomy. At BayWoods, our residents lead thriving lifestyles by living in their own personally designed spaces while voting on improvement measures in the community. Just like independent living, residents have a say in their futures. For more information on our opportunities, get in touch with us.

Getting Involved
Help seniors settle into a new community by getting them involved in programming helps ease the transition to assisted living. BayWoods residents can choose from an array of clubs and programs. We offer water aerobics, walking clubs, bird watching, and other opportunities to fit every interest. Getting seniors involved socially helps them focus on the positive aspects of assisted living, allowing them to live a healthy, thriving lifestyle.

Maintaining Independence
Encourage your retiree to maintain as much of their independence as possible while in an assisted living arrangement. BayWoods residents have exclusive access to a parking garage so they can come and go as they please. If residents are unable to drive, we offer regular outings to shows and museums. Activities Club meets once a month, and residents can weigh in on other outings as a community.

Assisted living isn’t about losing independence; it’s about gaining it by making everyday life easier. Talk to us about helping your retiree’s transition to a cooperative living environment easier.