Employment Opportunities

Three Reasons to Choose Cooperative Living

There are many reasons to consider cooperative living – here are some you may not have considered. Learn more and choose cooperative living today!

Choose Cooperative Living Cooperative living arrangements provide extra benefits in senior living communities. The role of happiness in longevity is well documented; a cooperative living space allows residents an environment that allows them to thrive. Consider these unique advantages to cooperative living when deciding on an arrangement for your retiree. 1) For the Residents, by … Continued

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Four Ways to Encourage Life-Long Learning

How can you engage your retiree? Help them make a commitment to life-long learning.

Life-Long Learning The wonders of modern medical interventions have us living longer more fulfilling lives. To take full advantage of this, retirees should seek ways to be fully engaged in their environment. Taking an active role in lifelong learning has protective effects against dementia and is an essential tenet of a healthy lifestyle. See how … Continued

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Finding The Right Career After Retirement

Learn about some of the careers that retirees seek to keep them engaged and active! For more info on Retirement Careers and retirement homes, call us.

Retirement Careers After retirement, many of us dream of days filled with a life of nothing but leisure.  But, for many retirees, that can lead to boredom.  In this article, we will review some of the most common post-retirement careers and volunteer opportunities that provide joy and pleasure, while keeping retirees engaged and active. Back … Continued

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