Downsizing & Decluttering for Retirement

Downsizing for Retirement

Downsizing from the 4000 square foot home where you raised a family and accumulated years of “stuff” is not always an easy task.  Memorabilia, collectibles, and other nostalgia are likely found in almost every corner of your home.  Baywoods of Annapolis is pleased to share these tips to help you minimize without stress.

Come and Get It!

More often than not, your kids have an idea of the things that are important to them.   Give them sufficient time to sort through and pack up those items to take back to their home.  Try not to be too sentimental about keeping too much.  They will likely enjoy many of your treasures for years to come and likely will have more room too!

Sort, Donate, Pack

As you begin to sort through your belongings, you’re going to want to pack items you’re keeping and designate items that should be donated.  Here are a few quick and easy rules:

  • If you haven’t used the item in the last two years, it goes in the Donate pile.
  • If you have more than one of an item, it goes in the Donate pile.
  • If you need help lifting it, Donate it!
  • Most memorabilia should be passed on to family members, except for items that you are particularly attached to, or those that can be easily stored at your new home.

There are an array of possibilities for the donated pile.  You can hold a yard sale or take items to a church bizarre.  Purple Heart will often pick up many household items.  GoodWill and the Salvation Army accept most clothes, linens, and a variety of household items.  The library will accept used books.  A local consignment shop can sell your lightly used furniture and home décor items.  Whatever doesn’t fall into any of the above categories is likely a good candidate for the trash or recycle bin.


As you begin to pack and prepare for your move, organize along the way.  Use clear bins so that you can still see what’s inside of them.  Label boxes and bins on the front and sides, so you can easily identify what’s inside them.

Once you begin the downsizing and decluttering process, you can look forward to a more relaxed lifestyle in your new retirement community!  Perhaps a relaxed lifestyle in a waterfront retirement community is what you seek?  Contact Baywoods of Annapolis to see what waterfront retirement living is all about!