When Should I Consider a Move to a Retirement Community?

Why should I consider a Continuing Care Community

We all wonder when are we ready to consider a Continuing Care Retirement Community? Many of us have considered a move to a retirement community, but many people are not sure when we should make the transition. If you are able to maintain your independence while still living in your own home and do not feel that your home and its upkeep is overwhelming for you this is a great time to start the search. Yes, start thinking about the retirement lifestyle, and just how that will simplify your life. If you are requiring assistance for your activities of daily living, a move to a cooperative living environment will be the best option for you before it’s too late to enjoy all of the amenities and various activities that take place in an active community. For more information about our active Community and many related services, talk to us. Use this as a guide to make your move.

Eliminate Retirement Stereotypes

Some people think of retirement communities as the option to turn to when outside services coming into the home for become too much to manage. While retirement living communities often offer a full component of care that is designed to fit your lifestyle. BayWoods of Annapolis residents remain entirely autonomous if they choose to do so – but they have access to all the amenities and can cook their own meals and wash their own clothes, but they can also ask for assistance in these areas. It is a new Lifestyle designed to support your needs and create a fun and fulfilled resort like living environment.

When You Need a Little Extra Help

Sometimes, completing tasks involved in everyday living become more difficult as we age. When it becomes apparent that in order to complete your daily activities you need some form of assistance or support, then it’s a wise time to move to a retirement community so that you can get all of the supportive services right at your fingertips.

BayWoods of Annapolis residents are as young as their 60s or well into their 90s when they make the move. When to move is a personal decision. If you’d like more information about our community, feel free to contact us.