Tips for helping you select the right rehabilitation facility after a stroke

Find out what you need to know about strokes and short-term rehabilitation? Contact Baywoods of Annapolis for more on Stroke RehabilitationWhen a loved one suffers from a stroke, the family and caregivers are often thrown into a whirlwind of decisions that need to be made in a relatively short time-frame.  The care provided to stroke survivors is often critical to their recovery process.  But, it can also be stressful and cause a significant disruption to the everyday life of the caregiver or family.  So, in this checklist, we’ll help you evaluate what you need to consider when choosing stroke rehabilitation and recovery programs.

  • Does the facility provide the specific services your doctor has identified the stroke survivor needs?
  • What system does the facility use to monitor progress and outcomes?
  • Does the facility have full-time professionals experienced in stroke and rehabilitation practices?
  • How do professionals stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and practices for stroke rehab?
  • Is emergency medical care available at the facility, if it’s needed?
  • Does the facility work with home health care professionals for the transition back to daily life?
  • How are stroke victims transitioned back to daily living?
  • What are the expected treatment program, duration, and outcomes?
  • Is the rehab facility conveniently located nearby? Stroke therapy sessions are often scheduled several times a week, so you’ll want the facility to be within a short driving distance.
  • Are you able to provide transportation to rehab? You may want to obtain a handicap pass if the stroke survivor’s mobility is limited.  If you are unable to drive them, does the facility have a list of resources that may be able to assist?
  • How long has the facility been in operation?
  • What types of outcome statistics can the facility provide regarding their treatment programs?
  • What is the estimated cost of treatment and how much will insurance cover?
  • Does the facility have stroke support programs for survivors and their families?
  • Be sure to schedule an appointment for rehabilitation as soon as the prescription for rehab is written and keep the stroke survivor on a regular schedule.

Stroke survivors and their families often have much work ahead of them when beginning the rehabilitation process.  However, there is a lot of support that can be provided if you select the right rehabilitation facility.

Baywoods of Annapolis is a retirement community located in Annapolis, MD that provides rehabilitation services and comprehensive care to our residents.   In addition, Baywoods of Annapolis provides short-term rehabilitation for non-residents.

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