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BayWoods of Annapolis is a unique retirement living option

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Nestled on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, BayWoods of Annapolis is a unique retirement living option. We are a full-service continuing care retirement community (CCRC), structured as a for-profit housing cooperative (co-op) for seniors aged 60 and over, known as the BayWoods Cooperative Housing Corporation (BCHC).

Unlike traditional senior living communities, our residents are shareholders in BCHC. Each member shareholder collectively owns the residential areas, community common areas, the buildings, the grounds, the outdoor recreation areas, and the waterfront boardwalk and pier. Residents enjoy all of the financial advantages that come with home ownership – but without the hassle.

Our residents can take advantage of real estate tax deductions and potential appreciation opportunities. As a self-governing entity, they have a direct hand in the future of the community. The BayWoods Cooperative Housing Corporation gives its citizens a voice in the community allowing them to express their needs and desires with respect to the day-to-day activities.

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