Cooperative Senior Living: Part 3 – Virtual Dividends

Imagine a retirement community that allows you to share in profits To find out more on Cooperative Community Virtual Dividends contact BaywoodsVirtual Dividends

In this series, we have discussed many benefits of living in a co-op community, with continuing care.  But, while writing this series, something amazing happened!  The residents of Baywoods of Annapolis received something that is literally unheard of in the industry – virtual dividends!  That’s right, for the month of December? the residents voted to give themselves a fee-free holiday!  Here’s how it happened!

For-Profit Housing Cooperative

As we have discussed, Baywoods of Annapolis is a Continuing Care Retirement Community that is structured as a for-profit housing cooperative (co-op) for seniors.  As such, residents are shareholders in the community and collectively make decisions on the activities, services, and food provided.  They have a direct hand in the future of the community.  Each of these decisions is influenced by the preferences of the community, but the group also make decisions that will be beneficially cost-effective.

Exceeded Sales Goals

So, in 2016, the sales for Baywoods Cooperative Housing Corporation (BCHC) were better than expected.  Actually, sales far exceeded goals and most expenses were well within budget!  So, the residents decided to take those profits and provide a ‘fee-free holiday’ for each resident, for one month.  This fee free holiday is like receiving a virtual dividend!  This goes to show that a well-run community, by and for the people, can achieve great things!  In an industry with so many rising costs, this fee-free holiday is a real miracle!

Share in our success

Baywoods of Annapolis is extremely proud of this accomplishment, and we invite you to visit our community or have a meal with us!  Contact us today to see what current opportunities are available!