How Seniors Can Use Technology to Age Gracefully

Aging Gracefully with Technology

Every day, 10,000 baby boomers reach the age of 65.  By 2030, when all members of the Baby Boom generation have finally reached that age, fully 18% of the nation’s population will be at least that age, according to Pew Research Center.  But this new generation of ‘seniors’ is redefining what it means to grow older, and many are adopting technologies to help them not only enjoy their golden years and give a whole new meaning to the term “Graceful Aging.”  In this article, we discuss some of the innovative ways seniors can use technology to age gracefully.

The Internet

Although previous generations didn’t always adopt new technologies with ease or excitement, today’s seniors are taking advantage of many of the benefits that technology now offers.  The internet offers seniors access to a plethora of resources on healthcare, government/social services, and news or information.  On-line shopping makes travel and shopping less difficult, and virtually anything can be delivered right to your door!  This type of access allows seniors to stay informed and connected, which is a key component of aging gracefully.


Smartphones provide an extension of benefits from the internet, described above.  But, these devices allow seniors to have much more freedom.  Travelling is simplified with apps like Waze and Uber.  Park ‘n’ Forget helps you remember where you parked your car.  Apps like Lumosity and Fit Brain are great ways to increase the brain’s stamina.  And, apps like Skype help stay in touch with loved ones who may live far away.

Medical Technology

Medical technology is always advancing.  For seniors, there are some really great new options to accommodate the unique needs of seniors.  TabSafe is a medication management system that reminds, dispenses, and sends alerts for medication dosage and compliance.  It can interface with loved ones, a pharmacy, or another caregiver to ensure that medication is being taken properly.  Care Innovations is a remote care management tool that provides intuitive and easy-to-use technology to connect and inform the clinician, patient, and family caregiver.  Since falls are one of the most common hazards for seniors, there are a variety of motion products that can track movement in the home without being overly invasive.

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