5 Ways to Transition Your Aging Parents to Assisted Living

Transitioning Aging Parents

Caring for a parent can be an emotionally and sometimes financially draining process.  When it becomes apparent that your loved one should no longer be living on their own, or needs more help than you can provide, the process can be challenging.  In this article, we’ll cover some basic ways to transition your aging parents into assisted living.

Where? The Big Decision – Most seniors do not look forward to any change or move.  Leaving their home may cause further distress since they may feel like they are giving up their freedom.  Research and visit facilities ahead of time.  Give them as much flexibility as possible and even consider taking them to visit your final two choices.  This way, they will feel as though they still have choices in the matter.  Perhaps they can even visit the community, meet staff, or take part in one of the events.

Lay It Out. Often, this move will be downsizing.  So, make sure to get a floor plan of the new residence and lay out the furniture that will fit nicely in the new space.  Discuss the personal items that they would like to take with them and try to make the new space similar to their old home so that it feels comfortable and familiar.

Organize and Downsize. This process often involves a lot of emotion, so make sure to give it the time both you and your parent need.  Categorize items to be moved, given to family, donated or thrown out.

Moving Day. Enlist the help of as many family members as possible.  If possible, move belongings in ahead of time, so that when your loved one arrives, there is less chaos during the transition.  They will likely feel less stressed and more relaxed knowing the move is behind them, and the things they love are already in place.

Get Them Involved ASAP. Most communities have a variety of activities each day.  Get an event calendar and discuss which activities they are most interested in.  Talk with the staff about coming to get your parent at the appropriate time, for the first few days, so they don’t dismiss the opportunities.  Many studies show that being active and engaged makes happy, healthier seniors.

While transitioning aging parents into assisted living can be challenging, these steps will surely make it easier on everyone involved.  If you need more guidance on ways to ease the transition or how to choose a facility, contact the experts at Baywoods of Annapolis today!