BayWoods of Annapolis and the Importance of Sustainability

BayWoods of Annapolis is paving the way to a greener brighter future Learn more about Sustainable Annapolis and how BayWoods is helpingSustainable Annapolis

At BayWoods of Annapolis, we’re committed to improving the lives of our residents as well as the surrounding community. We’re proud partners in Sustainable Annapolis, which is committed to creating a greener tomorrow. See how we’re doing our part in securing a more environmentally friendly way of life.

What Is Sustainable Annapolis?
Sustainable Annapolis is a citywide initiative focused on creating environmentally, financially, and socially stable neighborhoods here. In response to a greenhouse gas emissions survey, city officials found that the majority of our city’s carbon emissions came directly from buildings. To make Annapolis a carbon neutral city, officials encouraged local entities to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and take steps to prevent the dangerous side effects of climate change. Talk to us about how that helps you make retirement decisions.

Environmental Stewardship at BayWoods of Annapolis
Our community is a proud recipient of the Annapolis Environmental Stewardship Certification, which illustrates our commitment to fighting greenhouse gas emissions within our neighborhoods. We earned this certification by making improvements to the community to make it more energy efficient, by conserving water, conducting environmental education activities, serving locally sourced food, and more. With the encouragement of our residents, our community has played a significant role in supporting the local economy and taking important steps toward securing a carbon-neutral future for the city of Annapolis. See what we’re doing.

What Can I Do to Help?
Residents can always vote on taking further measures to make the community greener. If you’re a small business owner or know a small business owner who is interested in protecting the environment, tell that person about the environmental stewardship program. As trailblazers in the Annapolis’ green movement, we feel an obligation to educate others about the importance of environmentally sustainable practices. If you have further questions about how BayWoods of Annapolis plans to participate in carbon-neutral practices, please contact us.