Turning Back The Clock: It’s Not Too Late to Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

Senior Health Tips

According to the American Journal of Medicine, “Researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston found that people 45 to 64 years of age who added healthy lifestyle behaviors could substantially reduce their risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and reduce their death rate.”  So, it goes without saying that as we grow older, living a heart-healthy lifestyle is smart. But, here are the 4 things you can do today to dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease.

Eating Fruits & Vegetables Daily

Eating a balanced diet is important; eating at least five fruits and vegetables a day is key.  Today, there are a variety of ways to do this.  Make a protein-packed smoothie with fresh strawberries and a bit of spinach.  You won’t even know there are vegetables in it but you’ll still get all the benefits!  Throw in a few veggies with your morning omelet or scrambled eggs – a great way to make an ordinary breakfast extraordinary!

Exercising 2.5 Hours Per Week

Take the dog for a 30-minute walk each day and you will have accomplished the mission!  It’s that easy!  No dog?  Go to the gym, take a yoga class, or walk around the mall.  The exercise doesn’t have to be high energy, but getting up and getting out are good for the body!

Maintaining Body Mass Index (BMI)

If you want to lower your BMI, make changes in your diet.  Stay away from processed foods altogether.  Cutting back on sugar and carbohydrates will give you renewable energy and lower your BMI.  Low or no carb diets can be great ways to stave off hunger while reducing BMI.  Consult with a nutritionist about other options.

No Smoking

These days, smoking has been banned from most public places because everyone is aware of the health risks to the smoker and anyone within range.  However, smoking is one of the leading causes of heart disease and lung cancer.  There are many products available to help you quit.  Ask your primary care physician for some guidance.  Your body and your loved ones will thank you!

Adopting these four lifestyle changes, even later in life, can have a profound impact on your sleep patterns, your energy level, and your health! Baywoods of Annapolis provides resources and information to help residents adopt a healthier lifestyle.  For more information, contact Baywoods of Annapolis today!