Why Retirement Communities Extend Lives Over Living Alone

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As humans, we are naturally social creatures.  As we grow older, the opportunities to socialize may be inhibited by health, mobility, and other factors.  Let’s explore how retirement communities enhance social environments and potentially extend life expectancy.

Unlike the nursing home that your grandmother went to, today’s retirement communities have been reinvented to provide a wide range of activities, services, and amenities.   Still, many people have the impression that moving to a retirement community will require them to give up their independence and therefore, many people postpone or resist the decision.  However, not only are today’s communities driven to help you maintain independence, the services offered on-site typically allow you to regain your independence much quicker, after an illness or accident.  But, the social factors of living in a retirement community cannot be overlooked.  Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Socialization. Socialization is important at every stage of our life.  As babies and toddlers, socialization helps us to develop communication skills and learn from those around us.  In our later years, socialization is just as important and even helps to maintain these skills.  In addition, opportunities to socialize help reduce loneliness, establish friendships, relate and interact with those who have common bonds.
  2. Activities. Many people who live alone do not get the exercise they need – for the body and the brain.  Retirement communities offer easy access to physical and mental activities and often provide a daily schedule of events.  Most people who live alone do not engage in any of these kinds of activities.  Daily activities can become part of a treasured routine, encourage social interaction, keep you engaged, and keep your mind and body alert and spry.
  3. Safety & Nutrition. When seniors live alone, they often lose weight.  Many seniors comment that grocery shopping can be challenging and cooking for one or two people is often more of a chore than it’s worth.  Fast and easy food choices are often selected over healthier options.  In a retirement community, these chores are a thing of the past.  Mealtime becomes a pleasant experience and many communities have chefs and nutritionists on-site to make sure that menu options are varied and appealing.

So, if you’re debating whether or not to live alone or live in a retirement community, schedule a tour of Baywoods of Annapolis today!  Our residents will be glad to share with you the best decision they ever made!