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Rehabilitation Services

Your Road To Recovery Starts Now

Short-Term Rehab at BayWoods

  • All private rooms and baths
  • Recent 2017 renovation of Center
  • Waterfront Campus overlooking the Chesapeake Bay
  • Licensed professional staff

We offer a wide range of services to meet your health care needs. BayWoods has years of experience with the following types of diagnosis.

  • Stroke
  • Orthopedic
  • Cardiac
  • Pulmonary
  • Oncology

We offer a full range of therapy services including: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy

nurse assisting senior with physical therapy

Post Hospital Care

At BayWoods of Annapolis we focus on helping you reach your highest level of Independence as quickly and safely as possible. Outcomes are everything to us! Plans include:

  • Mobility training
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Pain management
  • Multi-surface training

Residential Care/Comprehensive Care:

BayWoods offers its residents all private rooms in a very warm and homelike setting. Comprehensive care, formerly known as long-term care, provides residents with top quality care combined with quality caregiving.

Each resident is provided with an individualized care plan that is customized to meet the resident’s needs. Our staff develops a comprehensive plan with your physician and nursing team discipline.

physical therapist and doctor assisting senior with exercise

Comprehensive care is designed to address your chronic illness in a clean and safe environment. We pride ourselves on an odor free home like setting that will support your needs. We offer you the following:

  • All private rooms
  • Planned activities and entertainment from a professional activity staff
  • Elegant fine dining area featuring homemade meals using our in-house chef and supervised by a registered dietician
  • Several inviting lounges and activity areas to enjoy
  • Full laundry services available

Short-term Rehabilitation Services

Directly located on the Chesapeake Bay our campus offers magnificent scenery from our outdoor boardwalk and walking trails. Watch the sailboat races, various wildlife, or enjoy our indoor fitness center and pool, while overlooking the Bay and Bay Bridge.

Our short-term rehab program is designed to have you return home. We have designed this helpful checklist for you to follow when choosing your rehabilitation program.

  • Outcomes What is the percentage of short-term rehab residents that return home. At BayWoods simply 96% of our short-term rehab participants return home.
  • Credentials/experience/knowledge of staff Are the Therapist knowledgeable and experienced in your area of rehab? BayWoods of Annapolis therapy team consists of a Doctorate Level Physical Therapist, a Masters Level Occupational Therapist, and a very experienced Speech Therapist ready to help you get back home.
  • Staffing Levels You should look for a rehab setting that is well staffed and available at least 6 days a week. We have high quality team members who specialize in providing vital medical care. Our dedicated rehab team is very qualified and caring.
  • Activities/programming Does the short-term rehab offer life enriching activities and events on site? At BayWoods we feature a full complement of activities and programs under a professional staff. To enhance your stay each month we provide a fresh calendar of events designed to enhance your rehab experience. We want you to have a rewarding stay while undergoing treatment.
  • Return to home We understand that when you are facing a health issue that limits mobility, speech, or motor control we do everything in our power to deliver a rehab plan that will inspire confidence and independence in you and your abilities
  • Readmission rate or return rate to the hospital What is the rate of residents that return to the hospital under the same diagnosis? At BayWoods it is extremely low. Very few of our residents return to the hospital under the same condition/diagnosis, our rehab team is known for very high outcomes. A seasoned team of professionals ready to serve your needs.