Bethesda Magazine – Senior Services Profile

Baywoods of Annapolis

Jim Harrington

Jim Harrington, the director of business development at BayWoods of Annapolis, learned his reverence for seniors as a child. “I was very close to my grandparents and sensitive to their needs,” says Harrington.  “I have always felt that the senior population is underserved.”  Harrington has a masters in health administration from Eastern University and has worked in the industry for over two decades.  “I love working with seniors,” he says.  “My initiative is to make residents feel like they’re the most important part of my day.”

True to the promise of Annapolis, BayWoods has stunning views of the Chesapeake Bay from its Severn River perch.  In fact, BayWoods is the only continuing care retirement community (CCRC) on the Annapolis waterfront.  And it’s just one of two CCRC co-ops in Maryland.  “It makes us unique.” As a co-op, residents get the benefits of home ownership, including tax advantages and property appreciation.  They also have direct input in major community and facility decisions.  “Every decision that’s made here has the residents’ best interest at heart,” says Harrington.

Resident ownership has led to several measures that enhance quality of life: community renovation, a high staff-to-resident ratio and fee “holidays” every December for the past several years.  The health center, which includes 47 private rooms, was given a refresh last year.  The renovation of the dining room and common areas, which includes upgraded, eco-friendly lighting, will be completed in spring of 2019. “Residents prioritize being environmentally friendly,” says Harrington.  And with 14 acres of woods and an incredible view of the bay, it’s no wonder the environment stays top of mind.

“Every decision that’s made here has the residents’ best interest at heart.”

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