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Cooperative Living & Cooperative Ownership

Why Choose Cooperative Living

BayWoods of Annapolis is a unique retirement living option located on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. As a full-service continuing care retirement community (CCRC), BayWoods is structured as a for-profit housing cooperative (co-op) for seniors aged 60 and over, known as the BayWoods Cooperative Housing Corporation (BCHC).

Diverse ground of seniors laughing and socializing

Benefits of Cooperative Ownership

  • Tax advantages – A portion of the community’s property taxes and interest are tax deductible.
  • Equity - BayWoods Shares have the potential to appreciate in value, just like real estate
  • No health prerequisites or screenings - We welcome all prospective residents aged 60 and over
  • Estate advantages – Shares can be included and sold as part of an estate.
  • With an equity ownership position through stock, residences may be claimed as assets
  • Residents elect the Board of Directors