When Should I Consider Making the Move to a Senior Living Community?

5 important questions to ask to determine the right time for a move to senior living Reach out to BayWoods for more on Senior Living TimingThere are a variety of factors that must be evaluated when considering the right time to move to a senior living community.  Not the least of which are overall health, mobility, age, and ongoing home maintenance.  In this article, we will outline five questions you and your family should ask to determine the right timing for you and your situation.  The experienced team at Baywoods of Annapolis is always available to answer your questions or assist you with this process.

Are you able to perform routine Activities of Daily Living (ADLS)?

This would include mobility and independently being able to take care of one’s physical needs such as dressing, bathing, eating, etc.  Another related question is whether or not you can perform routine activities such as driving, cooking, shopping, house cleaning.

Are there concerns or have issues arisen with regards to your safety?

Older citizens are commonly preyed upon for scams.  Have you been the victim of such an incident?  Have you had issues with forgetfulness or remembering where you are?  Forgetting that the stove or other appliances are left on can pose serious dangers to you and your home.

Has your health taken a turn?

It is often difficult to imagine not being able to do the routine activities of life, but when health issues become a concern, it’s important to have proper care and not to worry about the little things.    Making the decision to enter senior living before you have major health can be a blessing for you and your family.

Has your mood changed or do you feel mentally and physically fatigued?

Mood and brain health can have subtle changes over time that may be difficult to recognize.  Memory problems, depression, and anxiety can be factors that contribute to fatigue.  Any of these symptoms could simply be signs that you’re not getting the proper nutrition or mental stimulation; sometimes, they can be signs of more serious issues.  In a senior living environment, staff and doctors are trained to identify these issues quickly and provide recommendations to help you get back on your feet.

As mentioned above, the key to making a move to senior living, is to do it before any of the challenges listed above arise.  Ideally, you will enter a senior living facility while you still have a fair amount of independence.  Then, if and when you need it, the staff will be ready to assist you!  For more on the continuum of care provided by Baywoods of Annapolis, visit our website or contact us today!