3 Tips for Living in The Sandwich Generation

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If you are between the ages of 40-59, you are likely feeling the push and pull of the so-called Sandwich Generation.  What is the Sandwich Generation?  It’s when you are caring for aging parents, trying to launch children, and potentially provide care for grandchildren; needless to say, it can be stressful.  Splitting your time and energy between the kids and the parents is no easy task but if you’re working full-time, it’s almost impossible without help.  Here are some tips to help you take control of the situation.

  1. Self-Care is Important
  • Take a breather. Along with all the other priorities, you are balancing, take the time to do something that brings you joy and relaxation.
  • Your health and nutrition should not suffer because of everyone else’s needs. Be sure to keep up with your own doctor’s appointments and eat well.  After all, who will be there to care for them if something happens to you?
  • Get rid of the guilt! Anything and everything you are doing for both your parents and your kids can be a thankless job.  But, do the best you can and don’t feel guilty about what you can’t do.
  1. Signs Your Parent Needs More Help
  • Medication Issues – if they are taking a lot of medications, it can be really challenging to ensure that they’re taking the right medication at the right time. However, technology can help with this; TabSafe is a medication management system that reminds, dispenses, and sends alerts for medication dosage and compliance.
  • Food – if there is little food or spoiled food in the refrigerator, they are probably not eating well and may need nutritional guidance.
  • Balance – one of the most common reasons for hospitalization is falling. If your parent is having difficulty walking or balancing, it may be time to consider assisted living.
  • Forgetfulness – this can be a big danger if the stove or toaster is left on by accident.
  1. Include Your Entire Family in the Plan
  • If you have siblings, try to get each one to step up financially or emotionally to help deal with the situation at hand. Ask them for whatever assistance they can provide and be prepared to accept it!
  • Depending on their age, your own children should be able to assist too. Helping others not only provides key life lessons but, according to neuroscience, can even boost serotonin levels and improve joy and personal well-being.

Although being in the sandwich generation can be challenging, there are a host of resources to help.  Many senior living communities offer assisted living services so that the weight of the responsibility does not fall on your shoulders.  Baywoods of Annapolis is a unique retirement community offering independent living and assisted living.  For more information, contact Baywoods of Annapolis today!

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