Reviewing Retirement Communities? Always Ask for a Lunch to sample

What can a lunch sample tell you about a retirement community Look at what this one simple thing can do when reviewing retirement communitiesReviewing Retirement Communities

When you’re reviewing retirement communities, it can be difficult to get a clear sense of what they’re all about. Even when you’re touring a community, it may be hard to discern the culture or get a read on how satisfied the other residents are. Asking to stay for lunch can provide you with all the insight you need to make the right decision – here’s why.

Come for the Food

Aside from the available programs and clubs, the quality of food should be a major indicator of a retirement community’s culture. You will be eating there frequently, after all. A retirement community’s food should be (1) healthy, (2) sensitive to special dietary restrictions like low sodium of low glycemic index, (3) and lastly delicious. At BayWoods of Annapolis, we serve locally sourced foods to create a well-balanced, tasty meal. We always encourage visitors and guests to stay for lunch – contact us to set it up.

Stay for the People

Staying for a meal also allows you the chance to mingle with the other residents. When talking to them, you’ll get a better sense of how happy they are with their living arrangements. Residents can also discuss what brought them to the Community. The prospective residents can learn about the current programs, which outings and trips they’re most excited about. They may also give you tips about making a smooth transition and what you should see in town.

Spend Time outside on the Chesapeake at the Pier

Spending some high-quality time at our community on the water and at the pier can provide you with some much-needed insight. Perhaps visiting the new putting green for a putting challenge with our residents. The more time you spend at BayWoods of Annapolis, the better you’ll see yourself fitting in here. We encourage all prospective residents to take time to sample meals, talk to other residents, and take some reflective time down at the Bay. We’re also happy to entertain any questions, you will walk away knowing that this community is a great fit for you and your lifestyle. Please speak to someone about our cooperative living environment, contact us.