Is Your Retirement Community Pet-Friendly?

Pet Friendly Retirement Community

Pets can bring so much joy and help relieve anxiety and stress.  In this article, we’ll review how to make sure your retirement community is well-aligned with the needs of you and your pet.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that pets can be comforting companions, particularly as we grow older.   Walking a dog can provide great exercise, loving companionship, and help provide purpose.  So, you may wonder why a retirement community would have policies against pets?  As it turns out, there are some very valid things to consider, on both sides of the proverbial fence.

One of the top priorities with a senior bringing a beloved pet to any community is to ensure that both the senior and their pets’ well-being is taken into consideration.  While pets can provide an array of benefits to their human parents, unfortunately, they can also present some challenges.  Seniors may not be able to continue to remember to properly medicate or feed their pets.  As the animal gets older, the pet may require special care or costly medications.  Getting them to a veterinarian for routine care may also be a challenge.  Furthermore, if you begin to experience health issues or need to be hospitalized, who will be able to care for the pet in your absence?

Many senior living communities understand the strong attachment and therapeutic value that pets can provide.  For this reason, many offer services specifically designed to help make sure pets are well cared for and that they stay up-to-date on vaccines and routine care.

Some key questions seniors should ask before relocating with a pet are:

  1. Am I in good health?
  2. Is there a family member or friend that can take my pet, in the event of a health crisis?
  3. Are there additional fees to have a pet?
  4. Are there weight limits for pets?
  5. Is there a designated dog park or dog walking area?
  6. Are there on-site services provided for residents with pets?

The benefits of taking your pet with you to a retirement community are often priceless, for your mental and physical well-being.  So, be sure to understand the community philosophy on pets and the options that are available.    This will help you and your furry friend to live a long, healthy, happy life in your new home.

Baywoods of Annapolis believes pets are a part of the family and operate under a very pet-friendly policy.  To find out more about our pet policies, contact a member of our team today!