Senior Move Managers Make Moving to Assisted Living Easier

Transitioning to Assisted Living Take the Easy Way Out With A Logistics Team For more info on assisted living transition contact BayWoods of AnnapolisAssisted Living Transition

Transitioning loved ones is a time consuming, labor intensive, and often emotionally draining process for everyone involved.  The senior is often apprehensive and resistant, while the children or caretakers are often tasked with coordinating all the details.  But what if you had a team of experts to take care of the logistics?  In this article, we’ll discuss how and why Senior Move Managers® and logistics professionals can simplify the process and make it less stressful for all involved.

When it’s time to move, seniors are faced with unique challenges.  Depending upon their health, they may need help downsizing, packing, organizing, and figuring out what should be moved to the next place and what needs to be re-purposed elsewhere.  Senior Move Managers® and logistics professionals assist seniors and their families with the entire relocation process.   The National Association of Senior Move Managers® is the leading membership organization and serves as a great resource to locate these logistics professionals.  In addition, all members must meet strict vetting requirements before approval.

The following services provide an overview of how a logistic professional can help:

  • Organizing, sorting, downsizing – tedious tasks that require time, patience, and often emotion. By having someone assist with this process, the stress of the task is reduced and you are able to focus on other priorities.
  • Making arrangements for the disposal of unwanted items in the most advantageous manner possible including auctions, estate sales, consignment, donation, etc.
  • Reviewing a floor plan of the new space and helping determine the most practical furniture to utilize in the new space.
  • Making arrangements for shipment of items to loved ones or storage, if necessary.
  • Coordinating and overseeing and entire move process.
  • Unpacking and setting up the new space.
  • Other related services such as getting the home ready for sale, helping with the entire sales process, etc.

Most Often, a Senior Move Manager® or Logistics professional has the resources and relationships with the service providers typically associated with a transition.  The great thing about this is that these relationships help ensure a job well done and minimize the amount of time needed to interview several companies for each service required.

So, if you or a loved one are considering making the transition from your own home to a retirement community, you owe it to yourself to consider hiring a logistics professional.  They will help minimize the chaos and stress on you and your family and allow you to focus on transitioning to your new lifestyle.

Baywoods of Annapolis, a co-op retirement community, offers new residents many tools and resources to assist you with the transition process.  If you’d like more information on transitioning, contact the folks at Baywoods of Annapolis today.