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Checklist for Amenities at Retirement Communities

Take this Retirement Community\ies Checklist along on your tours of retirement communities to make sure you have the amenities that are important to you!

Retirement Communities Checklist Each of us has personal preferences for the types of activities and amenities we prefer.  Use this handy checklist to compare and evaluate the retirement communities you visit and to assist you with the decision-making process or contact Baywoods of Annapolis for more information! Location: Community is in an area near family/friends … Continued

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What’s for Dinner? 5 Things Your Retirement Community Should Offer.

Make sure the menu at your retirement community meets your dietary and taste preferences. For more info on your Retirement Community Menu contact us.

Retirement Community Menu Diet and food choices are obviously critical to a long life with good health, so it’s important to know that your retirement community is offering food choices that you’ll be eager to consume. We’ll outline the top five things you should consider about potential retirement communities when it comes to dining. Preparing … Continued

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