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Senior Move Managers Make Moving to Assisted Living Easier

Transitioning to Assisted Living? Take the Easy Way Out With A Logistics Team! For more info on assisted living transition, contact BayWoods of Annapolis!

Assisted Living Transition Transitioning loved ones is a time consuming, labor intensive, and often emotionally draining process for everyone involved.  The senior is often apprehensive and resistant, while the children or caretakers are often tasked with coordinating all the details.  But what if you had a team of experts to take care of the logistics?  … Continued

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  BayWoods purchased a yellow house adjacent to the North Tower Apartments because we were concerned that the previous owner wanting to build a high rise structure on the property.  This structure had the potential to impede the view of residents in the North Tower Apartments and would impose a negative effect on our property … Continued

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